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Setting up your bitcoin
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Our guides will help you get started in no time!

Go to our FAQ page for a quick brush up on what Bitcoins is and how to buy them, otherwise, follow this link to our Guide to gain expert knowledge in minutes. These guides will show you exactly how to create a Bitcoin wallet on your chosen device, use your Bitcoin wallets, how to keep your Bitcoins safe and how to restore and access them if needed.




It is easy to get
started with bitcoins !

01. Get a bitcoin wallet

The first thing you need in order to try out Bitcoins is to download a digital wallet. The wallet stores your passwords (private keys) in order to control your bitcoins.
There are many different wallets, however, we would like to point out a few that we recommend:
If you’re on a mobile we recommend either Bread Wallet for iOS or Mycelium Wallet for Android.
On a PC or laptop we would recommend Electrum Wallet.
For more information please visit our tutorial section (linked to above) or our glossary page on the Bitcoin Wallet.

02. Get a Bitcoin-address

The next step is to receive some bitcoins in your wallet.
The wallet you choose automatically generates an address, also called a public key, where others are able to transfer your money to.
Most addresses are 33-34 characters long, however, are usually expressed in a QR code which can be easily scanned.

03. Buy your Bitcoins

Next step is how to buy your Bitcoins and this is where we really want to help you, by offering the easiest way to buy Bitcoins.

Step 1:
Push the Buy Bitcoin button.

Step 2:
Choose the amount you want to pay for, your Bitcoin address as well as your personal details. If the transaction size exceeds certain thresholds we will ask for more information in order to know that you are who you are.

Step 3:
Buy Bitcoins using your credit card. In order to do so you will need to verify using your mobile number associated with your credit card.

Step 4:
Wait for the transaction to complete. We guarantee to transfer your Bitcoins within 12 hours, however, usually it is much faster.

04. How to buy your bitcoins fast and smooth?

Our backend system is made for a smooth order process and a quick payout. It should be noted though, that if our backend system detects some inconsistency in the data associated with an order, it will be pick-up for a manual review.

Here are some general rules, which we advise you to follow if you want your bitcoins fast and smooth:

• Name (Only use your real name as stated in your passport and credit card)
• Email address (Use your personal email which must have been in use for at least 12 month)
• Mobile telephone (Enter your own telephone. We do not accept virtual numbers)
• Credit card (Use your own credit card. US-issued credit cards are unfortunately not accepted)
• Bank account (Use only you your own bank account when transferring money to our account)
• IP Address (We need to your capture your actual IP address. Please disable VPN during the order process)
• Bitcoin address (Address associated with dark market or criminal activities is a no-go)

Since we are a regulated entity, you should not expect anonymity when trading with us. If your order is large or we see some inconsistencies in data related to your order, then we might request further details from you. We spend a lot of time and energy on creating an offering that manages risk in a good way, while still presents you as a customer, with a convenient and easy order process.

Advantages of Bitcoins

With the growing influence of internet, digital storage and financing has been one of the greatest benefits that it has given. So why not use it in your advantage.

Another good thing on bitcoin is that you can be assured that you’re investment is always in safety and secured. As well, one of its advantages is that digital storage is getting cheaper and cheaper.

Besides to the fact that processing is fast and will not take too much of your time. All you have to do is sit in front of your computer and monitor it from time to time. It will save your time and energy and you can still do other things and earn more.


Cryptocurrencies are electronic money that aren’t denominated by any national currency, nor are produced by any government-endorsed central banks. These currencies are known as “alternative currencies,” and thus are sometimes called “altcoins.”

Many digital currencies are cryptocurrencies, a type of digital currency that relies on cryptography, as well as a proof-of-work scheme. Essentially, it involves a mathematical process to create the currency at a reasonable rate so that the currency doesn’t become too numerous, and thus, lose its value. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, while many others have followed.

As the world continues to become more “digitized” in terms of the Internet and e-commerce, digital currencies will continue to gain more prominence and use. While replacing physical currencies is probably unlikely, especially in the near future, having more sites accepting digital currencies and conducting transactions using digital currencies is probably likely.

Bitcoin as an Investment

Every day, more and more talk about Bitcoins is occurring, not only as a digital currency, but also as a financial investment. Buying bitcoin is the most crowded trade out there, according to institutional investors. The digital currency has soared in value this year.


How to Start?

Buying bitcoin with Cryptolus is Easy. To start using bitcoins, all you need is a bitcoin wallet. Since bitcoin is a virtual currency, you cannot hold it physically, unless you exchange it for goods and services. Your e-wallet is where your bitcoins are kept secure. E-wallets are convenient and easy to use.

Your bitcoin wallet can also be accessed via your smartphone

Having a smartphone will enable you to sell and buy bitcoins wherever you are.
With the growing influence of internet, digital storage and financing has been one of the greatest benefits that it has given. So why not use it in your advantage. Another good thing about bitcoin is that you can be assured that you’re investment is always in safety and secured

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Interested in buying Bitcoins fast and easy?


Interested in buying Bitcoins fast and easy?