Management Team

Dan Ferris

Dan Ferris has a rich and diverse background, from senior management to raising money, M&A activities, strategic marketing and fostering connections with high net worth individuals and major International corporations.
Dan started his career as a successful PR & Marketing man, specializing in Corporate PR, Government communications, and Luxury Goods.

While with Freud Communications Ltd, he serviced International clients such as AOL TimeWarner (NYSE:AOL | Market Cap: $2.11B), One&Only, Visit London, and Eurostar, among many others. In all, the stable of clients Dan looked after represented up to $1.6M in annual revenue to the firm.

Dan later started a communication and strategic marketing firm: Magnum Communications Ltd. From a start up of ~$16,000, Magnum grew to an annual turnover of ~$3.2M in year 3. The firm quickly became a market leader within the Luxury sector, and also handled Communications needs for both Public & Private firms, representing over 15 companies with turnovers of over $80M annually. Magnum subsequently developed a supplementary consultancy business, which guided businesses in raising finance, gaining sponsorship, and acquiring other firms.

Ultimately, Dan took on the role of raising money for Mergers, Acquisitions & Start- ups. Along the way, he established a reputation for being able to raise funds for projects ranging from construction to travel investments and mining.
Over the years, Dan’s role as a consultant also established an invaluable network of connections to professionals and influential individuals in the finance and mining industries.

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